Medically Administered Nutrition and Hydration: Is it Ethically Required with Dementia and Stroke Patients? (On-Demand)

Webinar Description

Those participating will develop a better understanding of the use or decisions not to use tube feeding, with a particular focus on patients with dementing illnesses and stroke. Participants will be able to discuss feeding tube use in the following areas: clinical details on feeding tubes, dementing illnesses and difficulty in feeding and hydration, and the use of feeding tubes in strokes, differentiating between different types of stroke and probable outcomes; ethical grounding on the use or decisions not to use medically assisted nutrition and hydration; considering the right paradigms in differing situations.

This archived version is recorded from our live long-term care conference, "Compassion, Comfort, and Compliance in Long-Term Care." The video features footage of the speaker and the presentation slides.

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