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  • Medically Administered Nutrition and Hydration: Is it Ethically Required with Dementia and Stroke Patients? (On-Demand)

    Contains 10 Component(s)

    Those participating will develop a better understanding of the use or decisions not to use tube feeding, with a particular focus on patients with dementing illnesses and stroke. Participants will be able to discuss feeding tube use in the following areas: clinical details on feeding tubes, dementing illnesses and difficulty in feeding and hydration, and the use of feeding tubes in strokes, differentiating between different types of stroke and probable outcomes; ethical grounding on the use or decisions not to use medically assisted nutrition and hydration; considering the right paradigms in differing situations.

  • The Nature of Human Suffering and the Preservation of Dignity at the End of Life (On-Demand)

    Contains 10 Component(s)

    The lecture will include a discussion of the nature of spiritual suffering and its treatment, as well as common mental syndromes and their psychiatric approach (such as delirium, depression and panic). Participants will explore emotional suffering, its nature, approaches to treatment, severity, and outcomes. They will learn about physical suffering, common forms of therapy and drug usage for pain control, dyspnea and obstruction. The session will touch on challenges of family care and approaches to therapy, as well as grief and the challenges it presents to staff and families.

  • Value-Based Payment: As the World Turns (On-Demand)

    Contains 10 Component(s) Recorded On: 10/09/2018

    At-risk payors and providers are increasingly adopting value-based payment approaches. These include the SNF Value-Based Purchasing Program, another round of voluntary bundling (Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced), and accountable care organizations. These, and other market-driven changes, will place continued emphasis on improving quality and lowering costs. In this session, you will hear about the changes scheduled for October 1, 2018; other market-driven changes taking place across the country; why you need to prepare ahead of time; and how to position your organization to succeed in this increasingly challenging environment.