In-Service Kit: Working Effectively as a Team

This ready-to-teach in-service package includes all the pieces needed to teach a 25-minute in-service.

In-Service Topic "Working Effectively as a Team"
This 25-minute in-service addresses the important of collaboration among healthcare staff in the long-term care environment. Understanding the qualities of an effective team is important so the team can provide the best quality of care to their residents. Being aware of the qualities of a dysfunctional team will benefit the team so they know what not to demonstrate in a collaborative working environment to be the most effective as a team and provide excellent care. Teamwork can have many challenges – we will discuss the different obstacles of teamwork and solutions on how to work more collectively. Workstyle differences can be the biggest challenge of working together. Understanding how different everyone on your team works is the key to a successful team.Recognizing and being mindful of the qualities of an effective team player is vital so an individual can continually work on enhancing teamwork skills. Caregivers will learn:

  • The signs of an effective team
  • The signs of a dysfunctional team
  • What can be done to make a dysfunctional team a functional team
  • What obstacles make teamwork challenging
  • Different work styles
  • Qualities of an effective team player

This in-service kit includes:

  • A recorded video of the in-service (internet access required)
  • Lesson Plan (PDF) Presentation slides and script (Microsoft PowerPoint File)
  • Presentation handout as slides and notes (PDF)
  • 4-page summary of presentation (PDF)
  • Pre-test (PDF)
  • 4 post-tests with 5 questions each and answer key (PDF)
  • Follow-up (PDF)
  • Certificate Template (PDF)
Components visible upon registration.