Developing a Resilient Lifestyle

Includes a Live Event on 02/09/2021 at 1:00 PM (EST)

In this time of global uncertainty, individuals are being confronted with unparalleled challenges. It is difficult to remain positive in the face of grave uncertainty, believe that our individual efforts do impact results, react to the financial uncertainty of an ongoing health-care crisis, and remain focused on the goal of maintaining a healthy, productive life. The results of this uncertainty can inhibit creativity, reinforce rigid thinking, exacerbate ongoing anxiety and other mental health concerns, and cause us to question our futures. How do we alleviate the difficulty of juggling the balance of life?

This webinar will encourage participants to work towards a balanced future by developing a resilient way of life. To meet the growing demands of the next normal, individuals will need to think of things in a different way, a resilient way. They will need to develop strategies for personal life enhancement, to reach a resilient mindset. This workshop is organized around the principle that resiliency is a skill set that can be developed and enhanced. Principles and practices of Positive Psychology is the framework for this action-oriented program.  

Resilience is the key to a brighter next normal. Focused on shaping the future, rather than grinding through the present, this program will introduce participants to strategies that will assist with developing a resilient mindset and lifestyle for increased satisfaction and productivity. Ingredients of a resilient lifestyle will be explored and outlined. 

The following topical areas will be covered during this program: 

  • Psychological impacts of ongoing crisis and isolation. 
  • Principles of Positive Psychology  
  • The theory and practice of developing a resilient mind-set. 
  • Introduction to life-enhancing strategies. 


“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient”

     ~  Dr. Steve Maraboli

Dr. Francis Battisti, PhD

Principal, Battisti Management Affiliates

Noted educator, speaker, psychotherapist, consultant, and author, Dr. Francis L. Battisti, offers individuals and organizations a pathway to explore their potential and move toward desired transformation. His national reputation in the fields of healthy aging, motivation, health enhancement, and conflict disposition is manifest in his work with numerous corporations, major healthcare organizations, as well as governmental committees. His presentations have been offered throughout the United States, South America, Europe, Canada and the Caribbean. 

Dr. Battisti was the Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer and Full Professor of Psychology at the State University of New York at Broome Community College, where he was the 2011 Recipient of the State University of New York Distinguished Professorship for Service and a 1989 Recipient of the State University of New York Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. He is a member of the State University of New York Distinguished Teaching Academy. As a Full Professor he taught courses such as Abnormal Psychology, Counseling Theory and Practice, and Introduction to Social Work and Welfare, which motivated many of his students to continue their studies as Social Workers and Psychologists. 

Dr. Battisti maintained a private psychotherapy practice for over thirty years, treating individuals and couples. He also has consulted to long-term care communities throughout the United States. His emphasis now is in community responses to mental health needs and how to address them. 

Francis has been recognized by “The Morning Knights Toastmasters Award” for Excellence in Communication and Leadership as well as The Alzheimer’s Association Central New York Chapter as the honoree of the “Memory Makers Award,” for his efforts to make the Southern Tier a better place to live and work. He is also the recipient of “The David Malcom Award”, in recognition of his Exemplary Service to the Homeless. Francis is the author of, Checchino: A Father & Son Journey Toward Dusk and co-author of Tomorrow’s Weigh…The No-Diet Way to Lose Weight. His articles include: “Leveraging Workforce Research to Attract, Manage, and Retain High-Performance Employees”, “Harnessing the Diversity and Power of Your Team! Developing and Sustaining Highly Effective Teams Ensures Your Competitive Edge”, and “Advancing the Bottom Line and Service Quality via a Culture of Employee Retention”. 

Dr. Battisti received his Ph.D. in Human Development from Marywood University. He lives with his wife, Dr. Helen Battisti in Upstate New York and is an avid believer in pursing one’s passion. 

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